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Jenna Sinclair


MSc (Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology)

Jenna has over 10 years’ experience working in educational roles internationally, as both a trained EFL teacher and a qualified Positive Psychologist, Coach and Mindfulness Instructor. Her 10 years of experience in international schools have equipped her with the practical skills necessary to deliver group training, an understanding of educational philosophy, classroom management, and an awareness of the challenges that students and teachers face and how impactful a whole school approach to wellbeing can be. Jenna works regularly with children and young people in a range of different settings; from 1:1 to leading large groups.

Jenna has presented her Positive Psychology research nationwide, including at the 2nd Annual Positive Psychology Symposium at Bucks New University. She is also a voluntary board member of the Association of Integrative Coach - Therapist Practitioners.

Jenna's Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology has given Jenna the in-depth theoretical knowledge, training and understanding necessary to deliver wellbeing workshops based on evidence-based positive psychology. This, alongside her experience and teaching certification in mindfulness, allows Jenna to deliver specialist training to help people develop self-regulatory skills in order to increase their wellbeing, resilience, lesson focus as well as improve the positivity of relationships individuals have with themselves and others.

Jenna regularly attends CPD Psychology lectures and Positive Psychology and Coaching conferences as she is keen to learn of exciting new developments and to share best practice with everyone.

Areas of Expertise

  • 10 years in language schools
  • International students
  • Group leading
  • Mindfulness
  • Young People

Professional Memberships

  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council
  • Association of Integrative Coach - Therapist Practitioners

Passions and Interests

Jenna is not shy about shouting about her love of Positive Psychology and she is committed to making a change; often sharing empowering social media posts and knowledge freely online and volunteering for the AICTP to improve the lives of coaches and therapists. A long-held passion for the potential of people, she has a great interest in others and believes that equality and inclusivity are key. These are demonstrated by her love for working with a diverse range of backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and abilities in International schools. Jenna loves to collaborate and knows that united, we are capable of achieving much more than alone. She strongly believes that as individuals, we have many more similarities than differences.